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Cookie Dough… what more needs to be said?

About two months ago, I came across this magical site with a recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough balls.  Now for someone like me that LOVES cookie dough but is not a hug fan of them once they’re baked… this concept made me ecstatic!  So, I made some.  Unfortunately, I never finished them (the covering in chocolate part) because they were consumed before we reached that step.  The picture on the left is from me enjoying a nice big bowl of it last Sunday.  You also can see that I skipped the whole cookie dough BALL idea this last time and just had at them…

If you like cookie dough, you’ll LOVE this recipe I got from Joy the Baker.  She has some DELICIOUS looking recipes if you want to browse her site, too!

OH!  And if you’re worried about eating raw eggs, DON’T BE!  That’s the best part!  It doesn’t use any eggs.  Apparently, one can substitue 1/3 cup of Greek yogurt, peanut butter, or applesauce for every egg the recipe calls for in most cookie recipes.  DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS???  Fridge time for cookie dough has been extended!  While dough made with raw eggs might only be good in your fridge for 2-3 days… THIS cookie dough will be good for OVER A WEEK… if it makes it that far.  🙂

I must leave you all now.  I work this morning at 8am and still need to have a good nutritious breakfast of a bagel, orange juice, and cookie dough.


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