Real Foods

Xan and I strive to eat REAL FOODS.  By real food, I mean traditional food without the artificial coloring, preservatives, or additives.  We are HUGE fans of whole milk, eggs, butter (especially to sauté and flavor foods), lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and homemade goods.  We avoid low-fat dairy and most diet trends.  A traditional diet of real foods with moderation in mind combined with healthy amounts of physical activity is our way of staying healthy.

Cooking around real foods can be a challenge, though.  Especially for someone like me who knows how to follow recipes but doesn’t understand the actual process of cooking.   For example, just this evening I wanted to make pancakes but realized I didn’t have any Bisquick.  I mean… how do you make pancakes without Bisquick, right?

I’ll be sharing with you recipes, cooking tips, favorite products, and other stuff about our REAL FOOD habits.


Ingredient Breakdown


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