Toad was given to us October 2009 by Xan’s parents.  They found him when he was only 3 weeks old in 2007 and had to bottle feed him with 2 other kittens found at the same time.  He is a Saudi Arabia stray cat.  With a curious and energetic personality, he’s always ready to play.  He is the perfect blend between a cuddly and a playful cat.  He also has a lot of dog-like qualities: licking our faces, greeting us at the door when we come home, playing fetch, and he’s VERY loud with the meowing.  Our next door neighbors say they hear him ALL the time.   Toad is very curious about our other pets.  He likes to get up on top of Aakash’s cage and look down at her.  He’s frequently trying to get at the frog tanks to see what’s in there.   He’ll be getting a friend in July.  Xan’s parents will be giving us Mimsy, one of the other previously mentioned bottle-fed kittens. 



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