Toad Care

Things to do:

  • Make sure there is food in his bowl in the kitchen.  The two types of food are found in the kitchen.
  • Change the water in his fountain in the living room once a week.  Clean the fountain thoroughly every other week.
  • Change the litter box at least every other day or as needed.  Change the whole litter if it gets too dirty.  Extra litter is found in the pantry.

Things about Toad:

  • He meows A LOT.  Nothing is wrong.  He just likes to talk.
  • He needs to cuddle.  He may choose to sleep with you at night.  He may choose to sit on you while watching tv.
  • He loves his springy toys.  When he’s hyper, try chucking the various spring toys found around the apartment across the room.  He’ll race right to it.
  • He likes to drink from our bathroom faucet.  He’ll jump onto the sink counter to let you know.  With the meowing, of course.
  • He LOVES to go outside.  He doesn’t do well with a leash but he isn’t one to run away.  We frequently are found “walking” him outside which involves following him around.  He rarely goes anywhere without looking back at us like, “aren’t you guys coming?”   If you don’t have the patience to follow him around (which we don’t always have either) you can always simply open the screen in the living room and let him walk around on the balcony.  He’s never jumped down yet and hasn’t shown any inclination for it.  For energy efficiency, only do this when the A/C is off and it isn’t too hot outside.  He’ll whine a bit but he’s perfectly fine if he has to stay indoors all day.
  • He’s fine with lots of people.  We’ve had several people over at once and he doesn’t seem to mind.
  • He’s wary of children but as long as they don’t chase him, he’ s fine.  He’ll let them pet him or he’ll go check them out, as long as they don’t chase him or grab him.  He will hiss at them if they corner him, but he hasn’t swiped yet.  We’re usually there to intervene and as soon as he has a clear passage, he runs for the safety of under the bed.  (Yes, we are aware that he has scratched a hole under our bed and has made our box springs his personal domain.)

Things he knows he’s not supposed to do but does anyway because he’s a cat.

Feel free to use the spray bottle.
  • He’s not supposed to be on the kitchen table.  He can jump and climb anywhere else except where the food goes.
  • He’s not supposed to scratch the back of the kitchen chairs.

Things you can reward him for doing.

The treats are behind the printer.
  • Scratching his scratch post in the bedroom or any of the various carpeted rugs.
  • After having to shut him in a room if he wasn’t in trouble.  For example, if you were exercising and he wouldn’t stop getting in your way and you shut him in the bedroom.
  • Random occasions because he’s so cute!

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