Mimsy was given to us by Xan’s parents this past July.  She grew up with Toad, having been found within 3 weeks that they found him, and were bottle fed together.  They were best friends before Toad left and was sent to us, and after a bit of a rough patch when they first got back together, they are best friends again.

Mimsy LOVES to cuddle.  She also enjoys licking people’s heads.  I win out on this one because my hair is too long that she gives up after a lick or two.  Xan, on the other hand, isn’t as fortunate and gets his hair cleaned by Mimsy almost on a nightly basis while he sits on the couch with his laptop and she’ll sit on the back of the couch so that she can lick his hair for up to half an hour.  It’s really funny to watch.  If he moves, she’ll move.

Mimsy is a small cat.  Incredibly agile and graceful looking.  She is a great combo cat with the playful and the cuddly side.  She likes to teach Toad bad habits, like getting into the cat food bags, something that Toad NEVER did until Mimsy showed him the way.  But then, Toad has taught her how fun it is to drink from the bathroom sink so now we have to wait for two cats to get their fill.  🙂  We LOVE having Mimsy and love watching these two play together.


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