Dart Frogs

Xan’s newest hobby has been to build natural terrariums to house dart frogs.  We got our first two dart frogs October 2009, a male and female ranitomeya ventrimaculatus.  The common name is Amazon poison dart frog.   Pictures will come.   They’re harder to photograph because they are really small and super fast.   For the time being, we’ll just post this borrowed picture up.

The male’s name is Þór, and the female’s name is Ana.  We can tell them apart by the dot on their heads.  Þór (English spells it like Thor), has a dot on his head like the frog in this picture.  Ana does not.

We have several tadpoles from them.  One of them finally got arms and we were able to put it in the morph tank (all the others are still living in little bathroom cups held in a large container with a lid) until they, too, grow arms.

On April 15, 2010, TAX DAY, we got our second set of frogs.  We were able to get a good picture of each of them. I named this one here to the left Shadow.  You’ll notice that the design on his back is a solid color.  Xan name the other one here on the right Bandit.  His design looks like he has a bandanna wrapped around his eyes.

This species is called dendobates auratus.  The common name is the green and black frog.  (some of their kind are green and black).  We are currently uncertain about their genders.  They haven’t shown any definite signs.  But Xan is currently suspecting that Bandit is a female by her larger size and her signs territorialism.  His guess is that we either have one female and one male, OR two females.  Males are easily identified when they get old enough to start calling out for mating.  They call out to signal the females that they have a place ready for her to lay her eggs.

Our third set of frogs came May 18, 2010.  We got 5 new editions.  The species is called dendropsophus ebraccata.  Their common name is hourglass tree frogs.  We’re still in the process of naming them all but here is a long column to show the differences between them.  Xan looks at the whole back design but I stick with just their heads.  We don’t know their genders but I usually refer to them as he.

This one is Danni.  He has a very small spot on his forehead.

This one is Sam with two small spots on his head.

Taylor does require to look at the back, too.  I forgot.  He has a big dot on his head and a solid design on his back.

#4  has the large dot on his forehead but then has two more dots on his back unlike Taylor

And last of all, there is Jack with no dots on his forehead.


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