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The Final Move

I’m erasing this blog 2 months from now. After much thought and trials, I’ve switched back over to blogspot.

Come see our new and final home at All About The Stepps



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Our First NYC Trip

Xan and I took advantage of his reading days to take a trip up to NYC to see the King Tut exhibit.  We left Sunday and got there just after it got dark.  I wanted to see the tree at Rockefeller Park so we ventured out to see the city.  We found the Lego store.

They had a mimic display of Rockefeller Park with the tree, ice skating rink, and surrounding buildings that was cool to look at.

We found the tree and skating rink right outside of the Lego store.

Here I am with the tree.

Saint Patricks Cathedral is PHENOMENAL!

Here is an attempt to get a shot at the Chrysler Building.

And the building that beat it in height, but not appearance (in my opinion) : The Empire State Building.

And then we went back to our hotel and rested to get ready for the exhibit Monday morning.  My critique:  The NYC King Tut show was definitely worth seeing.  My love for Egyptology all began in the 5th or 6th grade when I did a report on King Tutankhamen.  My interest grew in 7th grade when we studied a brief bit on the mythology of Egypt.  Sometime after that, I wanted to be an Egyptologist and was looking up schools that had programs.  So, to be in the exhibit and to see all these artifacts face to face that I had since only read about in books, was AWESOME!  BUT, I was very disappointed at the very end of the exhibit.  I knew that King Tut was in Egypt, but I admit that I was expecting to see at least one of his coffins since one of them is being shown on all the tickets and brochures.  What did I get?  Some jewelry. Not even the death mask!  I’m sorry, but for the cost of the show (regardless of it being a fundraiser for Cairo to build a proper museum to house all this stuff) I think a golden coffin is kind of a must.  Good thing we’re planning on going to Cairo anyway, right?

One of the security guards at the front of the entrance was nice enough to take this photo for us.

Then, we had a few hours to explore before we needed to head back home.

We found the M&M Store.

And this architectural eye candy!  This is the Alwyn Court Building which is now a series of luxury apartment buildings with a Petrossian Restaurant on the ground floor.

Can you imagine carving all this???

Then we wondered up to Central Park.

Had a hot dog from a local stand.

Watched the childless playground for a while.

Got a picture on one of the many bridges.

And found a GREAT spot for even more pictures.  Here’s my handsome husband!

One of me with the skating rink.

And one of the two of us.  ❤

Many stores had FANTASTIC window displays, but Bergdorf Goodman had one of my favorites.  Of course, its hard to see with the glass glare but it was whimsical and absolutely wonderful to look at!

I was surprised by how ugly the Louis Vuitton building was.  It just looked lifeless and boring in comparison to all the beautiful surrounding buildings and window displays.

And to end the trip, we had to go see the Big Piano at FAO Schwarz, featured in the film Big with Tom Hanks.

These lovely piano dancers performed the songs chopsticks, heart and soul, carol of the bells and ended with a Mozart piece.  I had thought to try the piano out myself but when we got up there, it was just a long series of little kids and teenage girls competing for attention as they giggled and ran up and down the keys.  It’s really only awesome if you get full control of the piano, so we passed.  Maybe when we get a quarter of a million dollars, we’ll have one installed in our own house, right?

And then we drove back home.  We stopped by Wendy’s and tried out there new french fries.  They tasted wonderful to me… but then I LOVE anything potatoes, practically.  It kind of seemed like an In-and-Out fry and McDonald’s fry had a baby and Wendy’s took it over.  Xan didn’t seem all that impressed by them.

We still have  a whole list of things we want to to in NYC: Statue of Liberty, Metropolitan Museum of Art, maybe an opera… I definitely want to hit the Lion King Broadway since its the only Broadway show Xan has said he’d go to,  go to the top of the Empire State Building… so we’ll be back again!


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Health Update

Xan and I are feeling a little bit better today.  Our voices are back.  Not to their full capacity, but enough that we can make out a sentence or two sounding normal before our voice gets a bit rusty again.  No more whispering since Sunday morning.  YEAH!  BUT, our throats are still sore and we still have cold-like symptoms.  We both got appointments for this morning. For those who care, like family or close friends, a more specific update follows below.  Otherwise, in short, we are alive and although we are not feeling great, Xan is on campus for a few hours today and I’ll be back to work tomorrow, as scheduled.

Bybee:  I was given a new anti-bacterial to try if the one I’m currently on continues to not work (today being day 5 out of 10).  They are still solid that it is a sinus infection.  And in case I do have any sort of laryngitis, I’m already on the anti-bacterial so no further testing or treatment should be required.  I inherited my tendency for sinus infections from my dad and he says sometimes it takes trying a bunch of different kinds of anti-bacterial types before the right one for you is found.  Also, I’ve got my posterior nosebleeds under control.  I lost over half a cup of blood on Friday alone, and that is not including however much ended up in my stomach.  Which was quite a bit extra.  I still feel slightly anemic but have been eating a lot of things with iron and that tends to make me feel a bit stronger.  I’m getting a referral to see a ear, nose, and throat specialist.  My dad recently had some surgery done with his nasal arteries that keep them from being so close to the surface and prone to drying and cracking.  He says it was easy, fast, and has been extremely effective.  Let’s hope so!

Xan:  He escaped the sinus infection but caught whatever nasty viral/bacterial bug I brought home with me.  He has the sore throat, a bit of mucus build up, sinus headaches, ear pressure, and overall tiredness/aches pains.  He says he’s feeling a bit better today.  Since he’s not the most expressive person with details, I can’t really write more without making it up.

Well, that’s us.

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Best Movie in a While!

Click here to see the trailer

Xan and I went and saw Red last Friday night.  It was INCREDIBLE!

Screen Transistions: clever
Soundtrack: fresh and catchy
Cast: Brilliant
Screenplay: witty and classic

I would HIGHLY recommend this movie!


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Conquering the Workdays

Just so none of you out there think that I’m on the verge of dying anymore, I am VERY happy to say that today was A LOT better.  I’m still tired.  I still ache.  But my spirits are back up and I can feel myself approaching sick-free days.

Yes.  I am totally conquering this cold and my immune system is only the better for it!

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Pushing Through the Workdays

This past week has been on the more miserable side of the spectrum.  Xan has been on and off cold-sick for a couple weeks now, but he got a pretty nasty one starting Wednesday.  My boss at work was also sick.  I don’t really think there was much hope in the matter despite my vitamin C and Echinacea binge.

Yes.  I have been sick.  It started on Thursday as a tickle in my throat.  Sore throat by Friday.  Exhaustion and runny nose on Saturday.  And then came in all of its glory on Sunday with a sinus infection and sinus headache.  If ever I am to be tortured, I have learned that this combination would break me.  To not be able to breath AND have a pounding head?  It is the definition of miserable.

It broke me down and had me heading to the grocery store for stronger western drugs.  With my three combination purchase – Afrin nasal decongestant, cough drops, and Excedrin Sinus Headache – I was able to get all my symptoms in check.  I was even able to breath again.  That nasal spray is a new found wonder and within 5 minutes of using it, I could breath perfectly.  And it lasted ALL NIGHT!  (FYI: if anyone tries the Afrin, don’t use it for more than 3 days.  Some say 5…  My dad says 3.  Personally, my limit is 2 days.  I really don’t want to chance my body growing dependent and REQUIRING me to take it.)

Apart from Sunday, I’ve worked every day starting Friday.  I work today.  I work tomorrow.  And then… I will have a very much needed day off.

Until then, I am exhausted.  My whole body feels like it has a random combination of strap-on weights.  My head feels like its full of air.  My decision making skills have fled.  My ability to smell or enjoy food has been smothered.  I even turned down the extra french fries from dinner last night.  (Yes, with all these cold drugs in my system, I am definitely off my elimination diet and broke down for take out yesterday.  Five Guys Burgers and Fries.)

And now, I need to leave so that I’m not late for work.


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The Sound of Rain is Happy

Work has been a nightmare recently.  The person in charge of our department had a family emergency come up and has been out since right before I got back from our vacation, and will be out for at least another month, if not a bit longer.  I felt like we were shorthanded BEFORE we were one man down!  Let’s just say that yesterday things piled up.  All the extra time I’ve been working doesn’t look like its paying off since we keep getting further and further behind.  It was enough to actually convince me to hate my job for the first time at Wegmans.  Which made me really sad because I DO like my job… just not right now.  As I was closing, I kept imagining dramatic walk-outs with me quitting and never looking back.  🙂  Something that I would never do, but it was working to keep me working as hard as I could until the end of my shift.

Needless to say, I needed an attitude change.  Half a bag of chips on the drive home later, and I was feeling enough better that I was going to be able to walk through the door with at least a fake smile to greet my husband.

And then God stepped in.  I walked through the door from one of my worst work days in Ithaca to find my husband waiting for me with a big smile, a Nintendo Wii controller in his hand signaling that it arrived in the mail last night, a piece of cake from my visiting teachers, my husband already fed from helping the Yosts move so I didn’t have to make anything for dinner, and two happy cats that are finally getting along.  (We brought a second cat home from his parents with us from our trip in Utah.  I’ll introduce another time.)  We played our Wii horribly for 2 hours before it was my bedtime.  I mean horribly as in, we are both REALLY bad at it.  Oh darn… I guess that means we’re going to have to practice…  LOL!

And then, this morning I woke up to the gentle music of raining falling outside.  I don’t know how long this happy feeling will last, but at least I was able to start my Birthday with a REAL smile on my face.  The work load at work I have for today might try to rip that smile off my face, but I’m really going to try to keep it there.

Happy Friday, everyone!!!

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