Health Update

Xan and I are feeling a little bit better today.  Our voices are back.  Not to their full capacity, but enough that we can make out a sentence or two sounding normal before our voice gets a bit rusty again.  No more whispering since Sunday morning.  YEAH!  BUT, our throats are still sore and we still have cold-like symptoms.  We both got appointments for this morning. For those who care, like family or close friends, a more specific update follows below.  Otherwise, in short, we are alive and although we are not feeling great, Xan is on campus for a few hours today and I’ll be back to work tomorrow, as scheduled.

Bybee:  I was given a new anti-bacterial to try if the one I’m currently on continues to not work (today being day 5 out of 10).  They are still solid that it is a sinus infection.  And in case I do have any sort of laryngitis, I’m already on the anti-bacterial so no further testing or treatment should be required.  I inherited my tendency for sinus infections from my dad and he says sometimes it takes trying a bunch of different kinds of anti-bacterial types before the right one for you is found.  Also, I’ve got my posterior nosebleeds under control.  I lost over half a cup of blood on Friday alone, and that is not including however much ended up in my stomach.  Which was quite a bit extra.  I still feel slightly anemic but have been eating a lot of things with iron and that tends to make me feel a bit stronger.  I’m getting a referral to see a ear, nose, and throat specialist.  My dad recently had some surgery done with his nasal arteries that keep them from being so close to the surface and prone to drying and cracking.  He says it was easy, fast, and has been extremely effective.  Let’s hope so!

Xan:  He escaped the sinus infection but caught whatever nasty viral/bacterial bug I brought home with me.  He has the sore throat, a bit of mucus build up, sinus headaches, ear pressure, and overall tiredness/aches pains.  He says he’s feeling a bit better today.  Since he’s not the most expressive person with details, I can’t really write more without making it up.

Well, that’s us.


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