Controlling Christmas Toy Clutter

Quick tip with Christmas coming up.  My sister, Crystal, did this last year and I’ve heard other people have a lot of success with it, too.

For those with kids, do you ever look around your house and cringe at the thought of having to buy MORE toys for you babies?  We’re talking 4-5 years and younger.  Well, now there’s another way!  It’s called recycling.

Crystal says she goes through her house periodically through the year and packs away toys that Kaitlyn and Hallie have lost interest in.  She throws out some, but saves others so that she can wrap them up and place them under the tree for her kids to rediscover and enjoy again.

It’s a win win situation!  At such a young age, they don’t understand the concept of getting new toys.  The majority won’t even realize what you are doing.  And you don’t have to deny your babies the magical wonder of tearing open their presents Christmas morning.



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