A Sunday Walk In the Autumn

Xan’s camera is old.  Like back from ’03.  Mine is decent but the battery life is about one minute before the camera rejects the brand new batteries and shuts off.  We decided we needed a new one.  We splurged and got ourselves a fairly early Christmas present in time to capture Ithaca in the Autumn!

We’ve done this walk before many times.  I posted pictures from our Spring walk here.

There’s a turtle in the shot above.

I’m turning into my dad.  Most of the close-up nature shots… mine.

We also were a bit adventurous with my hair today.  I had washed it and left it down, and we tried out a few head flicks.  More like major hair swings, I think.

The one above makes me look like I’m powering my hair forward.

These are the shots that turned out the best.  We have MANY that didn’t turn out well that I’ll leave behind.  🙂

I like the one above.  My hair looks like a flower.

Xan’s favorite is the one above.  He says he likes the lighting.

Here’s my photo shopped one.

If I’m going to have long hair… I’m going to enjoy it.

Let’s not forget some photos of Xan!

I LOVE walking through Sapsucker Woods and LOVE that the trail is less than 5 minutes from our front door.  Makes me want to go running more often.  I haven’t been for a while and had forgotten how beautiful and peaceful it is.  I better enjoy it before the trail is covered in snow, ice, and/or slush!



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2 responses to “A Sunday Walk In the Autumn

  1. Love, Love, Love the hair pictures. What type of camera did you end up buying?

  2. Hi just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i?ve landed on your blog in the last 3 weeks looking for completely unrelated things. Great Info! Keep up the good work.

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