Second Step to Organization

I can say, honestly, that I see a difference in just 2 weeks of reading This book and following its steps.  I modify them a bit as I go, but its working.  Where did I leave off last time?

First Step to Organized

Oh yes.  The first 4 steps.  How am I doing with that?  I give myself A for effort and A- for performance.  Not too shabby, I would say.  I’ve noticed a few things.  I’ll mention one.  My counters stay significantly cleaner and the dishes usually immediately go in the dishwasher or get washed and dried because I am focusing on keeping the sink clean.  She suggests wiping it down with windex and making it really shine so you can see your face in it.  Sorry!  I’m not into that.  I just like the way it looks when there are no food scraps and I know I’ve recently swished it around with our dish scrubber w/soapy water.  Clean and sanitary.  That’s enough for me.  That way, if I drop a grape in the sink while washing them off, I don’t have to throw the grape out.  Just rinse it off and plop it in my mouth.  I would NOT have done that before with my sinks even had you paid me!


The second step that I’ve taken from the book is setting up a morning and an evening routine.  LOVE IT!  Why?  Because Xan suggested that I do this when we first got married and every time in between that I complained I had no habits and no routines and why was I so incompetent at routines???  Unfortunately, the routines never stuck.  In retrospect, my routines were too elaborate and time consuming.  But her steps, are easy and already polished through thousands of user’s trials and suggestions.  They’ve been working far, far better for me.  Here’s what I have set up:

Bedtime Routine:

start tomorrow’s to-do list
check calendar and menu board
kitchen: sink, sweep, swap towels
straighten: couch, mail, put stuff away
vitamins, brush teeth, wash face
lay-out tomorrow’s clothes and anything else I need in the morning
read, pray, sleep


Halloween 06 Gothic Costume. My new look, maybe???


Morning Routine

No snooze button when getting up
shower, wash face, brush teeth
dressed, hair, make-up
scripture/conference study
empty dishwasher, clean sink and counters
check on cats (food, toys, litter)
check calendar, update to-do list
breakfast, vitamins
dinner prep (if needed)
e-mail, facebook, blog

Sounds kind of lengthy, I know.  But a lot of these stem from all my previous attempts so I thankfully didn’t have to start from ground zero.  I’ve been using the routines for about a week now.  HUGE DIFFERENCE!  Mostly from simply feeling like I have a bit more control over the day.  And when emergencies hit, like our car getting locked in 4 wheel low and needing to go to the shop, or realizing we’re out of clean darks or whites, I’m ready to take care of it THEN.

PROOF???  2 things.  1)  Last Tuesday, one of my days off, I had one of my depressed days.  You know those days that you feel tired, sad, and uninterested for no apparent reason at all?  It was one of those.  Yet, I still found myself slowly pushing through my routines.  I even did a few loads of laundry!  And while I still felt sad, I didn’t feel down on myself for not doing anything all day… because I DID do something.  It wasn’t a lot.  Most of it WAS just sitting around watching tv or whatever.  But it WAS something.  2) I have most of today off.  Normally, I put off ALL errands, cleaning, laundry, ect to do today because I rarely find time to do them on workdays.  But, NOT TODAY!  Which means that I have time to do larger projects.  Like clean the mold off of our bathroom ceiling and watch the episode of Big Bang Theory I missed from being at work.  I actually have GUILT-FREE FREE-TIME!!!

*Disclaimer*  My house isn’t perfectly clean yet.  The desk and many other corners and surfaces are still cluttered.  Larger cleaning projects, such as mold in the bathroom I mentioned, still need tackling.  And budget and other tasks still left months behind.  But those steps come later.  For now.  I’m learning habits.  Something my mother DID try to teach me.  I just didn’t realize that she wasn’t simply trying to torture me with daily chores and lists and check offs.  LOL!  Thanks for trying, though, Mom!  You’re the best!


Mom dreaming of retirement!




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2 responses to “Second Step to Organization

  1. karen

    I enjoyed your organization blog. Thanks for giving me credit for trying to teach you why we need order in our life. You read my mind in the picture you posted.

  2. Wendy

    I totally have to try this book out when we are in our own place again! Love the organization updates. Hope all is well with you guys. 🙂

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