Meet Mimsy

A long due post.  Meet Mimsy, our newest cat.  We brought her back with us from our last trip to Utah this last June/July.  Mimsy was found by Xan’s parents within 3 weeks of them finding Toad.  Both were bottle fed together three years ago… so not from the same literal litter, but they grew up together as if they were.  These two cats are still best friends and love to play fight and chase each other.

Mimsy is also a HUGE cuddler.  Toad needs some cuddle time, but he’ll settle for you foot lightly touching him.  Mimsy, on the other hand, is not happy unless she is in your lap, on your back, or wherever she will fit.  Like right now.  She’s in my lap over my left arm while I type.  I caught this picture that’s below yesterday where she climbed up and sat on my shoulder for at least 20 min before I had to get up and finish getting ready for the day.   We love having Mimsy and can’t wait to share our two cat’s antics with you now that I now how to upload videos using WordPress.

Toad doesn’t always move out of my way when I make the bed so sometimes I just make the bed with him still in it.  Mimsy thought it was lots of fun jumping on Toad while Toad tried to find a way out.



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4 responses to “Meet Mimsy

  1. My cat loves to be made in the bed too! He’s cute.

  2. Jenny T.

    Oh sad, it won’t let me watch the video! So I had this same problem when put videos from YouTube on my blog. If you want everyone to be able to see them (in other words, if you don’t want to personally invite everyone to view your YouTube videos), then you’ll want to make your videos Unlisted instead of Private. They’re not as safe as Private, but you can’t watch them unless you know the link to them. (They won’t show up in any searches somebody might do.)

  3. Maren

    I am extremely jealous and that is all I can say.

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