Food for Thought

I’m starting a new category for questions my random brain comes up with.  I am entitling it “Food for Thought.”

First question.

If you had to loose one of your senses (I’ll define them as sight, smell, hearing, taste, or feeling… which we’ll interpret as mobility), which one would you least want to give up and which one would you be most willing to give up?  And Why?

I’d have to say that I’d least like to give up my sight.  I would live in a world of terror without my vision!  I’d never know where I was, I’d have to switch over to books on audio which read SO SLOWLY, I’d never be able to drive myself anywhere… could you imagine grocery shopping and trying to look at food ingredients on the labels???  I’d never be able to look out the window and see the beauty out there.  Just thinking about not being able to see terrifies me!  SHEER TERROR!

If I had to give one up… I think I would pick hearing.  My hearing is already not so trustworthy with my learning disability that I think I rely on it less than any of the other senses.  I would definitely miss the sound of rain, though…

How would you answer?



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6 responses to “Food for Thought

  1. I’d lose taste. Dieting self-control would be so easy. Even if my taste buds were dead, I’d still care about “mouthfeel” and enjoy foods based on their texture – which I currently do. But if we’re talking about killing all sensation in my mouth, I’m not sure if I wouldn’t lose some speaking ability and that would be bad.

    I would much rather lose sight than hearing. I can write without seeing the keyboard and there are lots of (albeit not enough) electronic systems to transform written into spoken. But to lose hearing I would lose music. It would rip out a part of my soul. No, I may have gone the last year or so without glasses because they’re expensive, but I wouldn’t put off a hearing aid if it started affecting music appreciation.

  2. Smell, no contest. I’d give that up. I love food way too much to give up taste, I love seeing things and new places and all the conviences of driving, not to mention reading and watching movies or just plain old people watching. I LOVE hearing Landon talk and babbble so that has to stay. Smell…seriously, if I can still taste the food, I don’t care if I can smell it. And then I can’t smell the neighbors stinky trash. Bonus all the way around.

  3. karen

    I agree with Carrie. I would give up smell. The one I would never want to loseis a toss up between sight and hearing. Can’t decide which one yet. Call me!! I need to talk to you about your birthday present!

  4. Maren

    Hm, I wouldn’t want to lose my sight. Even though it’d be sad, I’d probably go with giving up taste. It’d be so much easier to eat right and avoid sugar. 🙂 And I could still smell the chocolate, that’s kind of like tasting it, right…?

  5. Sandy

    SIGHT! Wow, I did that quite easily. All cuz I think a seeing eye dog would be cool.
    Couldn’t do smell because that would then affect taste. and not taste, cuz i love me some food. it would be so boring to eat cardboard all the time. Couldn’t do hearing because I like to hear myself talk. ha ha. JK. Couldn’t do touch because you are in serious danger if you can’t feel heat or cold and know if it’s getting too extreme. There’s no getting around that one.

    Okay, for real, it would have to be a coin toss between sound and sight. I could probably live without sound and start to learn vibrations and sign language. Then I would still be able to see the beauty around me and if I’m fixing my hair and make-up correctly in the mirror. It might be sight because then I woudln’t have to see the “other” side of how ugly this world is. Plus, I wouldn’t care how I looked if I couldn’t see myself!

  6. My blind grandpa always says he is glad to be blind and not deaf because he can still talk to people. I can’t imagine a life without talking to people.

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