The Sound of Rain is Happy

Work has been a nightmare recently.  The person in charge of our department had a family emergency come up and has been out since right before I got back from our vacation, and will be out for at least another month, if not a bit longer.  I felt like we were shorthanded BEFORE we were one man down!  Let’s just say that yesterday things piled up.  All the extra time I’ve been working doesn’t look like its paying off since we keep getting further and further behind.  It was enough to actually convince me to hate my job for the first time at Wegmans.  Which made me really sad because I DO like my job… just not right now.  As I was closing, I kept imagining dramatic walk-outs with me quitting and never looking back.  🙂  Something that I would never do, but it was working to keep me working as hard as I could until the end of my shift.

Needless to say, I needed an attitude change.  Half a bag of chips on the drive home later, and I was feeling enough better that I was going to be able to walk through the door with at least a fake smile to greet my husband.

And then God stepped in.  I walked through the door from one of my worst work days in Ithaca to find my husband waiting for me with a big smile, a Nintendo Wii controller in his hand signaling that it arrived in the mail last night, a piece of cake from my visiting teachers, my husband already fed from helping the Yosts move so I didn’t have to make anything for dinner, and two happy cats that are finally getting along.  (We brought a second cat home from his parents with us from our trip in Utah.  I’ll introduce another time.)  We played our Wii horribly for 2 hours before it was my bedtime.  I mean horribly as in, we are both REALLY bad at it.  Oh darn… I guess that means we’re going to have to practice…  LOL!

And then, this morning I woke up to the gentle music of raining falling outside.  I don’t know how long this happy feeling will last, but at least I was able to start my Birthday with a REAL smile on my face.  The work load at work I have for today might try to rip that smile off my face, but I’m really going to try to keep it there.

Happy Friday, everyone!!!


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  1. Just this post made me feel better 🙂 Thanks

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