Change… again

I know, I know.  I tend to change backgrounds and themes frequently.  WordPress just came out with this current theme and I couldn’t resist.  The seller point was the drop down menus for my pages.  There were other themes that had them but none of them included all the other things I wanted in a blog, like 2 columns, a page bar up top, and a few other details.

For the record, I went back to my blogspot page and started playing around.  Blogger has done a good job adding things.  I actually almost switched back until I discovered two flaws.  1)  You can’t have pages in pages.  You just get a maximum of 10 pages only connected to the home page.  I’ve found I really like the pages embedded within pages with Word press.  It really helps my ADHD to be able to categorize things.  2)  You can’t neatly import WordPress blogs into Blogspot.  That was one of the things I really liked with Word Press.  It took about 20 min for me to figure out the process and have my entire blog (posts, comments, categories) uploaded straight into my Word Press site.

Hope you guys like my new blog style as much as I do!


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