Biased Documantaries

Xan and I just signed up for Netflix this past week and we’ve both been soaking in all the documentaries that are available instantly right to our computers.  Xan has been going straight for all the animal shows and I have been watching a lot of documentaries about food.

I am really frustrated with the documentaries lately.  They are so BIASED!  I just finished watching one entitled Fed Up that I don’t think had any credible representatives to argue the other side.  When I sit down to watch a documentary, I expect to be educated.  I want to walk away from it feeling like I learned something.  Instead, I feel like I have to go learn organic chemistry for myself so that I can understand what the other side has to say.

Does anyone else find media’s trend to be overly biased frustrating?



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2 responses to “Biased Documantaries

  1. I get frustrated by that too. The one nice thing is that you can usually tell a hack job from an NPR piece (we have our biases, but we’ll give the other side 30 seconds and pick someone articulate) from a thoroughly unbiased source pretty quickly. In the food policy book we just sent off to the publisher, we’re actually starting off with the doomsday books and documentaries as an example of what not to do in food policy analysis. I’ve also been reading a bunch of hack jobs about trade destroying Haitian rice. I’m not certain, but I think food and trade get a lot more hacks than other economic areas….

  2. You should get the documentary “Good Hair” from Netflix. It’s so interesting! (But not about food, obviously.)

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