Ranch Dressing

Summer is just right around the corner and I’ve been finding myself in a bit of a dilemma.  I’ve been craving Ranch Dressing.  We have a Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing bottle happily sitting in our fridge that Xan will use to pour on his salads or dip cut up raw veggies in… and I just get to sit and watch while eating my raw veggies plain… *sigh*


I found this DELICIOUS recipe for a homemade ranch dressing. I was SOOOO excited that I couldn’t wait.  I picked up the ingredients I needed after I got off work at 8 pm, drove home, and spent the next 45 min. putting it together with the rest of dinner (brown rice cooked in chicken broth with a touch of saffron, and pan-seared salmon in corn flour).  It took me a bit longer than the recipe calls for because I make my own mayonnaise, too.  (Once you try homemade mayo, you’ll never want to go back!)  The first few tastes of my finished product were enough to make me swear loyalty to homemade ranch dressing forever!  And it really was EASY!!!  I already had a couple containers of cut up fresh veggies in the fridge to serve with it.  I took these pictures in the morning with the few veggies we had leftover.

Note: It didn’t taste as strong this morning as it did last night, so be prepared to add a few more chives or other seasonings as needed.  My guess is that it lasts in the fridge for 5-7 days, being on the safe side.



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2 responses to “Ranch Dressing

  1. Last night my SIL just told me a great way to cut the ranch calories and still get the taste. All you do is buy the ranch packet, but instead of adding mayo you just blend it with cottage cheese! Haven’t tried it yet though..

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