Homemade Practice

Last Thursday, I made homemade ice cream out of a crème anglaise recipe, yellow cake with a dark chocolate frosting, and a traditional apple pie.

With all these yummy treats, I decided to invite people over from our branch to help eat them.  Above is Scott Sanders, and Matt and Caroline Transtrum.  Another big thank you to Matt and Caroline for letting me use their ice cream makers.  I’m absolutely convinced I want my own, now.

In this picture we have (the Armenian couple’s wife… I’m awful but I’m going to have to have Xan remind me of her name…), with her baby in the blue, Tiffany Booth with her baby, Taylor, in the flowered dress, Madeline Maxwell right next to Taylor, and Kim Yost peeking over the couch.  Kim’s baby, Eli, is in the car seat.

And here is Matt Maxwell, Jared Rasmussen, Darrell, Amy and their daughter Alyse (not entirely sure how to spell that) Sonntag.  Jared’s wife, Brooke, and their son Cohan were here somewhere, too.

It was really fun and definitely an event I’d like to repeat.  🙂


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