Spanish Tortilla

I love potatoes.  They are my FAVORITE vegetable!  You can imagine how excited I was when my husband first introduced me to one of his favorite dishes that contains potatoes.  A Spanish Tortilla.  I think they are frequently called Frittatas here in the states…

Xan made this tortilla in the picture from his own expertise but here is an equivalent recipe if you want to make your own.  Tortilla de Patatas

They make great leftovers for breakfast.  We like to add a bit of ketchup to the dish for a bit of a dip.


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  1. Maren

    That looks good. My first exposure to the tortilla was in France. It was a frozen one from the grocery store but it was heavenly. I think about it at least once a month (I’m serious about my potatoes) but for some reason haven’t had it in the five years since. When we go home I will make one! And I’m enjoying figuring out your new site. 🙂

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