Fitting Housework in the Day

Most days I feel like this woman here.  I’ve just got back from work.  I’m tired.  Just let me sit here and relax.

While I don’t expect to keep up this woman’s enthusiasm vacuuming our toaster every day, I would like to expect more than the woman above and the woman whom I normally tend to be.

I’d like to try to find some balance in fitting housework in my daily routine to help reduce the stress in my life.  It’s amazing how fast an overstuffed fridge with leftovers from 2 weeks back, a dirty kitchen floor, and a number of unorganized piles of stuff all over my computer desk can really STRESS me out, just to name a few things. 

I am finding that housework is very much like a service activity.  I feel obligated to do it.  I have a hard time fitting it into my schedule.  I often feel like I deserve a reward after completion.  BUT once I get started,  I feel good and gladly keep going… at least for an hour before I get too tired… and when I’m finished or have done enough for the day, I get to sit back and feel good about myself and about my apartment.


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