Sifting Through the Artificial Ingredients

I have been preservative free for a whole month now.  I check the labels to everything I eat if it’s not straight up fruits and veggies.  It’s been a challenge, especially since my work demo’s a lot of food and most of the time I can’t have it.  Like those root beer floats the other day… sounded so good!  It also limits my snack food.  I have to make most things in advance.  Applesauce, pizzas, brownies, fudge, ect.  Let me just take a minute to say that homemade applesauce with some frozen raspberries blended in is AMAZING!

Xan and I started this diet for me to finally figure out which preservatives was making me feel sick and nauseated all the time.  The first two weeks I cut out EVERYTHING that didn’t grow naturally from the ground.  That included enriched flours and pastas that contain synthetic vitamins.  We didn’t think I had a problem with them but we are being very thorough with this experiment.  Then I introduced synthetics back into my diet for these past two weeks.  

The results?  I’ve felt FANTASTIC!  I have not been nauseated since a couple of days after I started.  I’ve unintentionally lost 5 pounds.  My cooking skills are rapidly improving.  My intuition of what my body needs to eat is more sensitive and accurate.  Most importantly:  I’m actually getting excited to eat meals again.  Food used to be a chore.  All these psychological barriers were in place telling me that eating will make me feel nauseated because that is what past experience had taught me.  NOT ANYMORE!  Eating is now pleasurable when one is EXCITED to eat because there are so many DELICIOUS options out there!  Steamed artichokes with homemade garlic mayonnaise… new favorite!


Now comes the tricky part of sifting through the artificial ingredients to find which, if any, were making me feel sick.While I realize the healthier choice is to just stay away from them forever, that doesn’t achieve the goal of the experiment.  There are a couple of ways I could do this process.  I could choose one or two artificial ingredients at a time for 2 weeks and then choose another 1 or 2 more.  OR I could pick one food item that is LOADED with preservatives, eat that in moderation and if I don’t feel sick, clear that whole list and move onto a different food.

Any suggestions of which method I should pick and/or what I should start with?



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3 responses to “Sifting Through the Artificial Ingredients

  1. Ben ;-)

    That’s so cool! I’m glad this is working out for you! Now if I could just find the time and/or motivation to do it myself…

    I would recommend the long haul experiment. At least that way you would also further solidify your new good eating habits. But way to go either way!!

  2. Merry

    While it does sound appealing to be able to knock a whole bunch off the list, I don’t think that you’ll be able to. It’s more likely that you’ll have a problem with a food loaded with preservatives, and then you’ll have to start over so that you can narrow them down.

    But good job! I’m so proud of you for making this happen over the last month!

  3. yostkm

    I love the “I’m free” picture. It really does depict how one would feel when they are not worried about something any more. Good luck adding in the preservatives.

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