My Blog’s New Home

After a couple of days of thinking, I have come to the decision that I’m moving the blog to  There are simply too many things that I want to blog about and I love the pages option that they have here.  And, I agree with Ben.  It looks a lot cleaner and smoother. 

Feel free to check it out!  I have short biographies on the ABOUT page.  OUR LOVE STORY takes you through how Xan and I met to our wedding day.  I’m still working on our other pages but soon I’ll have pictures of all of our animal additions to the family in OUR PETS and include favorite recipes and our food opinions in SEASONAL EATING.

Off to the side you’ll notice that I have the category option set up.  This section will be growing, too.



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3 responses to “My Blog’s New Home

  1. I use wordpress to host my other (non-family) blog and LOVE it! I am thinking about moving my family blog there but don’t think I will. My family would hate me for moving my blog for the millionth time.

  2. Maren

    Oh my gosh, I accessed your new blog without a proxy server! This is amazing; wordpress used to be blocked. Unfortunately I still can’t access my own blog on blogger. Sigh. This makes me very tempted to make a new blog, even if we’ve only got 7 weeks left…hm. Oh, and I like your new site! I like the tabs at the top and the streamlined look, although I’m sad you left blogspot. Oh and the little picture of you guys that comes up in the URL bar is way cool.

  3. yostkm

    That’s the same reason why my blog is through Word Press. It’s much easier to work with with a sleeker look.

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