Books, Books, and MORE Books!

Xan and I have a good collection of books. We have these two bookcases by the front door. The right side holds my Asian collection and our instructional foreign language books. The left side holds fiction with the bottom shelf holding cook books.

We have this bookcase by the coat closet. We got “how to” books and gardening/pets on the top shelf, movie cases with children’s books on the next shelf. Travel books come in third. Scrapbooks on 4rth. Ending in Xan’s physics books on the bottom shelf.

Here is a collection of books Xan is using to finish his thesis from Iceland.

Here’s where those books in the living room go, along with Xan’s other academic books.

Don’t forget about the two cubbies of books on either side of the chair.

We have religious books filling up guest spaces here in the extra bedroom.

And a box full of all of our foreign language Book of Mormons that I would LOVE to have out, as well as a few other miscellaneous items.

And let’s not forget about the 4 or so boxes of more books we have stored in our attic that will be staying up there. Yes, folks. Even with keeping those boxes in the attic, looks like we’ll be buying yet another bookcase to fit somewhere in the apartment. Which means, another organizational project of trying to find a rhyme and a reason for which books go where and in what order. I never finished from last time. I got them all organized except for the two by the door… only half way organized. (the Asian collection really has no rhyme or reason. They’re just piled together, often times mixing with the foreign language books.)

Any suggestions of how to organize a large selection of books?


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