Tadpoles and Toads

Xan and I are 100% positive that we got one male and one female dart frog. How? We got tadpoles!!!

Here’s a picture of Thor carrying one on his back. Apparently the tadpole secretes a glue like paste to help it stick onto its dad’s back. The dad, in turn, secretes his own anti-glue when he’s ready to drop the tadpole in its new small pool home. 🙂

We’ve also been enjoying our cat’s company as well. The neighbor across the hall from us, Sarah Jones, has 3 cats. We were outside in the hallway talking with our doors open when two of her cats decided to explore my apartment. Toad was not very happy. He mostly hid under the bed and glared at them all. Can you see his tail all spiked out in this picture below?

He LOVES laundry day because he gets to play in all the laundry baskets. Here he is all wrapped up inside on of the laundry bags.

I caught him yawning in this one. He looks scary! 🙂


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