Rules of Engagement

Xan and I have found a new show to add to our list of favorites. It has replaced Accidentally on Purpose (a mediocre series) on monday nights after How I Met Your Mother (Hilarious!). The basic premise has the single guy who’s free to run around with one night affairs, the engaged couple in their cutsie, everythings perfect relationship, and the married couple who has been married 14 years.

The married couple are Jeff and Audrey. This tv series has portrayed so much of Xan’s personality in Jeff. To illustrate, I’ll write you a paraphrased dialogue they have somewhere in season 2. Keep in mind that Jeff is played by Patrick Warburton (the voice of Kronk on Emperor’s New Groove).

Jeff comes through the door after work and says, “Hey honey. Remember that thing you wanted for your birthday a couple of years back?”

Audrey gets really excited and exclaims, “You got us tickets to Hawaii?”

Jeff pauses and says, “That other thing.”

Audrey, still excited, “The opera?”

Jeff, looking very proud and pleased, “Yes” and hands her the envelope.

Audrey opens the envelope and stops. “Jeff, there’s only one ticket.”

“That’s right.” Still looking proud of his success in gift buying.

“I don’t want to go to the opera by myself.”

“Yes, honey. Yes, you do.”

“No, Jeff. This is the kind of thing I want to share with someone. With you.”

Jeff, not at all ruffled, sits on the couch and says, “Do you remember the last opera we went to?”

Starting to see a flaw in her case, Audrey sits next to him and says a bit disheartened, “Yes.”

“And when the lights dimmed…”

“You pretended to hang yourself”

“And when the curtains rose”

“You pretended to strangle yourself.”

“And then those 3 people came on the stage… and started to… sing.”

“You pretended to shoot each of them and then pretended to shoot yourself.”

While Xan does enjoy the opera, this would be Xan if we went to a Broadway show. It’s kind of funny that in this series, we relate to the old married couple.

Again, this show is on CBS Monday nights at 8:30pm.


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