A Large Project Started

I did an internship in China before I was introduced to the world of Facebook and well before I ever dreamed of managing my own blog. I have all these photos and separate journal entries and boggled thoughts that definitely need sorting.

Having a blog while in Iceland was amazing. I still kept a personal journal aside, but I was able to document all of our travels and daily activities right online in a neat, organized manner to share with family and friends.

And thus, I have decided to undertake a huge project. I plan on blogging about my China experience using all my journal entries and photos. That way, I can have a more organized place to relive one of the most amazing oppurtunties that I took advantage of in college.

I’ve chosen to use this blog since it was during my single days and it is not centered around Xan and I at all. In fact, I’ll be telling a bit of my overseas romance. LOL! Oh, the good old days.

I guess that means I need to finish cleaning the house and find all of the journals and get started. Since this blog will still be used for other China-related things, I have added the category feature on the side-bar. All of my China experience entries will be listed under “Yangtze Internship”.


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