New Computer!

Xan’s stipend got here for Spring Semester and we were able to finally replace my broken laptop that broke last June. We decided on a desktop. I’m so excited! We still need to do some work to the new computer before I can transfer, download, and install all of my stuff to the new one. For now, I’m just using my laptop hooked up to the desktop monitor.

The complication that we ran into with a desktop is that it requires a desk. I’m in the middle of rearranging the whole apartment right now to make room for the desk where we want it. It involved moving bookcases, DVD shelves, the couch, and re-organizing a lot of our stuff. It’s a big project that will take the whole day but hopefully will be a lot more organized and look better than it did before. Toad, our cat, is having an exciting day running through all the stacks of books, hopping into boxes, and chasing after the computer packaging. He’s also really happy since now the bookcases are next to something that he can use to get onto the very top.

That’s my update. As soon as we get my computer completely up and running, I’ll be able to keep up with all three of my blogs much more often and hopefully be able to keep up with all of your blogs. 🙂

*I apologize if any of the words are missing the letter “D”. The key is really sticky and while I tried to proofread the post, it seems almost inevitable that I will have missed one or two or more.


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