"Honey, would you complain if we had this one?"

Xan answers the question that is asked and not the question that I think I may be asking or implying. When Xan and I would go out shopping for apartment things, I was having a hard time finding the right question to get the answer I was looking for. What was wrong with my previous questions?

“What do you think about this dish set?” – If a man doesn’t care too much about fashion, he’s not thinking about any of them so how can he give you an honest answer other than that he doesn’t know.

“Ooh! Look at this one! Do you like this bed cover?” – A man usually doesn’t look beyond whether or not the bed cover will fulfill its function. He usually doesn’t care whether you pick the blue or the green one. Although, he may shy away from the frilly pink one covered in flowers.

Xan and I finally solved this little tango of me not wanting to buy something he hates and him not really caring enough to know how to answer my questions by coming up with the ultimate question:

Honey, would you complain if we had this one?

Works everytime. 🙂


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