Why are December holidays so angry?

Why is it that so many people get offended by being wished a Merry Christmas? Why can’t it be something that I say Merry Christmas to them and they say Happy Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or Holidays or whatever back? Why not make it a faith declaration as well as a warm, friendly greeting?

Why is it that people wait until the last minute to do their holiday shopping only to become irate if the lines are long or the desired and sometimes essential holiday item is out of stock? Shouldn’t that be expected the eve of the specific holiday?

Why is it that people have to hurry during snow storms? Are there really employers out there that wouldn’t look outside and simply say, “I’m glad you made it here safely even if you are 10 min. late.”? Are the previews to a movie really that important that you would risk sliding into other cars or off the road just to see what is readily available over Youtube.com? Why not pay attention to the weather report and be prepared to leave 10 min. early? Or, if you are lazy like me, take a look outside before you start getting ready to know if you need to leave any earlier.

Let’s take a deep breath this Holiday Season and be offended a little less. Plan ahead just enough to avoid last minute rushes (and the chance that menorahs, trees, or stockings might be sold out). And stop driving recklessly in slippery weather.

Let’s actually ENJOY the celebration of Peace and Joy.

And… Merry Christmas!


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