Where’s the respect for the Ladies?

My job at work is to stock groceries. That means medium to heavy labor required. It also means that it is a world of men and very few women. The result is that if it were ever to air on tv, a good portion of the conversations would have to be bleeped out.

I learned today that I have earned myself a new reputation in the workplace in just my three weeks of being at Wegmans. I am the woman who scolds for using foul language or telling of crude jokes in the presence of women. I usually only get after the really offensive stuff, too. Yes, I get teased for it a bit but all in good spirits. Best of all, the men I work with respect it (even if some of the younger ones forget sometimes).

I am really sad that the world has lost that element. It used to be that when a woman walked into the room, gentleman would stand. Men would go out of their way to make sure that a woman was shielded from profanities, violence, and danger. Now, too often than not, the women join in with the men. And don’t get me started on my opinions of women swearing. (briefly: Seriously! Is there anything less attractive than a woman cursing?)

I’m not demanding a revival of chivalry but I am disappointed that I had to ever open my mouth to remind some of them that most of what was coming out of their mouth was completely inappropriate to be saying when a lady is in hearing range let alone part of the conversation.

I do want to give my thanks to Rob even though he will probably never read this. Today was my last day working with him since he’s transferring to another Wegman’s closer to his house. Rob is the kind of guy that never would let me carry anything that he considered heavy even though that meant over 30% of what we stock in the International Department. He’s the type of guy that only has compliments to say about his wife. He’s the type of guy that a lady never has to worry about what she will hear come from his mouth. He’s the type of guy that will chew another guy out if that guy is being disrespectful to a woman. He’s the type of guy that helped set an example for other men to follow.

If we want to be respected, we need to respect ourselves enough to not be afraid to open our mouths and politely say, “I’m sorry. Could you please watch your language. You are talking to a lady here.” It sounds cheesy. I know. But you would be surprised at how more often than not, the offender will be stunned and quickly apologize and clean up his language. It worked for me 90% of the time that I was working in customer service and had men yelling and swearing at me almost on a daily basis. (that excludes the women offenders. You can only ask them to watch their language or it implies that THEY aren’t a lady and I imagine they wouldn’t like that.)

Ladies, let’s take a stand!


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