How is it Done???

Before I got this job at Wegmans, I was unemployed for over a year. I had nothing but time to get everything done. Truth be told, I had TOO much time.

All that is behind me now. 🙂 I realize that I only work a little over 30 hours a week. That still leaves me A LOT of time at home to get things done, right?

For you super women and moms out there, how in the world do you keep up with the housework, cooking, dishes, laundry, spring cleaning, decorating, time with the hubby, keeping up blogs or phone calls, and find a bit of hobby time let alone reading time?

I’ve never been very good at time management in the first place… something that is not really helping right now… but that doesn’t keep me from trying. For now, I guess I will just focus on the essentials I want done and not stress about the rest. 🙂 I have to admit I’ve reverted back to a little trick my Mom used to use on me. I made a monthly calendar and for each day I get my 5 essentials done (scripture reading, morning prayer, 30 min morning cleaning, evening prayer, and 30 min. evening cleaning), I get a star for the day. Cheesy but it is totally working for me…. At least for now.

For you super women and moms out there that have figured out the secret to above average housekeeping, you get my greatest respects. And for those of you who do it all AND have kids, I’m speechless.


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