My Latest Obsession


Many of you out there know about my ADHD and my tendency towards what professionals call ‘hyper-focus’. Most of my friends, and especially my husband, refer to it as my obsession for the day… week… or however long the topic lasts as my point of focus. Friends who grew up with me can recognize this trait by the number of times I switched interests. I’d go from acting to languages to cooking to traveling to Egyptology… and I think this specific train of interests all happened in the 7th grade.

My poor mother never knew what to do with me. I was always coming up with big ideas I’d want them to help me finance. They were able to help with some of them, such as putting me in acting or singing lessons, but others were too outlandish for them. Like when I was determined during my sophomore and junior year of high school that I wanted to be a foreign exchange student in Italy. LOL! Oh, the memories. Poor Mommy. I was never an easy child to raise but thankfully, she’s a tough one and weathered the storm. Now that I’m married, she’s off the hook and can simply laugh at all my crazy ideas. 🙂

My poor husband is left to sift through which ideas to support and which to silently wait out until something else catches my fancy. He was incredibly supported of everything that I wanted to do the first year while we were dating. Then, he started realizing how often my dreams changed and that I didn’t follow through on over 95% of my ideas. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong. My husband has proven himself to bend over backwards to support me in the things I choose to do. But, we have both learned the value in making sure that I REALLY know that I want to do something long-term before investing any money or extensive time in a new hobby or project. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for his patience and his guidance through it all.


I’ve waited to blog this recent “obsession” until it made it past the initial month but recently, I have been fascinated by natural pregnancies and baby care. Before anyone jumps to conclusions (although I bet its too late for most of you:)) I am not pregnant and am not planning on becoming pregnant in the immediate future. I’m simply fascinated by ideas that I have never really even considered before.

I started wondering how people took care of babies before all the modern products came to be the standard. In modern times, we have plastic diapers, formula, bottles of puree baby food, special bath tubs, cribs, car seats, play pens, sippy cups, ect. So, I started researching. I’m starting to think more and more about how much more expensive baby care is today then it was even for my grandmother. I’m not even talking about price inflation. I’m talking about capitalism’s and advertising’s power to make us forget that most ‘necessities’ are in truth: CONVENIENCES.

Honestly, I am ALL about conveniences. I love my bread-maker, blender, tv, hot water, car, cell phone, computer, ect. Please do not take this post as me declaring that the old ways are the better ways. I just can’t help but want to learn more about all of these alternative options.


I might be crazy and for all we know I might change my mind by the time comes, but I’m really considering trying out for a natural baby for the pure, educational, how-does-it-really-work purpose. If I do decide to go through with this idea, I am committed from day one of pregnancy, through the natural birth, cloth diapers, feeding babies real food, ect. I’m starting my research now so that I have lots of time before I even get pregnant to decide what I want to do, am willing to do, and what would be best for me and my baby.

Please! Let me know your thoughts. I would love to know what other people have tried or how you feel about this topic.


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