Thanksgiving Dinner all by ME!

Today, I made Thanksgiving Dinner for the first time ever. I’m not really even sure if I’ve ever helped my parents out in the past… don’t think so. There were always older siblings for that. 🙂 I’ve always wanted to make it, though. Last year, we had just gotten to Iceland and were invited over to eat with the Senior missionaries and Elders.

This year was my year and I did it all from scratch… okay, I cheated on the stuffing and used seasoned croutons… but it was almost all from scratch. 🙂 Since it was just Xan and I for dinner, I skipped the whole turkey idea and got a simple Cornish Hen. Perfect size for two people. Menu: roasted Cornish hen, cranberry sauce, mashed yams, stuffing, garbanzo spinach salad, and dinner rolls. I also made a sweet potato and buttermilk pie for desert but we might be saving that for tomorrow.

Yum! We have a ton of leftover cranberry sauce and mashed yams if anyone wants any. 😉


PS> I’m uploading a few videos onto of Toad. He was wired this afternoon.


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