We recently had a Sunday School lesson on self-reliance and most of the lesson was on food storage, budgeting, canning food, ect. The Church of Jesus Christ has asked its members to have a year supply of food storage, lots of water storage, and have 72 hour kits prepared for emergencies. Great lesson, Amy!

Xan and I were talking about it over dinner a couple weeks ago and Xan made a few comments that have really made me ponder about what I am doing to become self-reliant. His emphasis was on the loss of self-reliant skills that were second nature to our ancestors just a couple generations ago.

He started asking me if I knew how to sew a button onto a shirt? Could I can or bottle fruits/vegetables if we had a garden and grew more than we needed? Did I know how to pluck a chicken? Could I make and use cloth diapers for a baby? If all my recipe books were burned and our internet connection was gone, could I continue preparing full meals for at least a week out of memory? Do I know basic First Aid ? ect. (I am happy to say that I can answer yes to a few)

With these questions in mind, I am making a few new goals. I’m learning how to cook according to the season. Since its fall, I’ve been learning how to cook with spaghetti squash, and other squashes . I’m expanding my crocheting skills and eventually want to pick up knitting as well. I’m hoping to start keeping up my own herb garden in the kitchen next Spring. I’m working on learning the art of oral storytelling tradition to be able to share world mythology and folklore without the aid of a book.

With all that said, the point of this post is to encourage others to take a look at their own life and see what type of skills they want to develop and what fits their needs. I’m not suggesting that we no longer use the convenience of modern times, though. For example, even if you do learn how to use cloth diapers, you can still use Pampers or Huggies and still maintain that skill. It’s more about cultivating skills that might really help you in a time of emergency or shortage.

What do you guys think?


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