Pet Introductions

Here are a few pictures of all of our pets. The first one is Toad, our new cat. He’s hilarious! He always has to be the first one to our bedroom if we go in there so he’ll come chasing through if it looks like we might enter the doorway before him. He likes to drink from the bathroom facet and will meow and wait for me to come and turn it on for him. He’s also a pretty good cuddler… of course, only when he wants to. 😉

Aakash has found a new spot to hang out at in her cage. She’ll curl up at the top and just chill.

The light bulb we use to keep the cage warm is red… no particular reason… but that is to explain the color.

And, our last two pets, Thor and Ana, were moved to the terrarium last night. This one is Ana. Thor looks the same but has a dot on his nose. That’s how we can tell them apart.

I was trying to upload a couple videos but the internet connection isn’t stable enough. Some other time, I guess.


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