A Blog Make-Over

I have a lot of passions, interests, and tangents in my life that get pretty messy when I try to blog about all of them on this one blog. For example, not everyone likes to read about reptiles and I know a few people who won’t even log onto the blog in fear there will be a picture of my pet snake posted. (I love you anyway, Jenn). Therefore, I have created two other blogs.

http://www.ashleystepp.blogspot.com – I’ve made this one my health blog tracker. I’m back in physical therapy and am working on trying to get my body aligned correctly and hopefully get a little more pain eliminated from my everyday life. I’m mostly using it to track my progress and to help me reach my exercise goals. I’ll be posting best exercises for various joints and overall fitness.

http://www.steppfamilypets.blogspot.com – I’ve made Xan a co-author for this one. We both love learning about different animals and dreaming about all the different pets we would like to have someday such as an octopus, sugar gliders, ect. I’m creating this blog so that we can freely post pictures of our current pets, including our snake and frogs, as well as go off on tangents about other animals without boring those who don’t share our passion. 🙂 But we really hope that some of you out will enjoy this site and be just as interested as we are.


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