The Crisis of Job Interviews and Decisions

I’ve been actively looking for a job since mid-July. I’ve done the internet searching before we got here and have filled out countless applications and sent resumes all over the place since then. I’ve tried going in and handing the application with my resume directly to the manager in charge of hiring. I’ve sat through several interviews… and nada. No job.

And then…

One of my new friends here, Kim Yost (Mother Nature in the Halloween post), works at Kohls and helped pull some strings to get me an interview for seasonal hiring. It went really well. They had me in a group interview and told me that if my background check clears, I would be hired in the shoe department. I was ecstatic!

And then…

I get a call from Wegmans an hour after coming home from my interview with Kohls this last Wednesday. Wegmans is the most wonderful grocery store I have ever been to. It’s comparable to Harmons (for those who don’t know Wegmans) only BETTER! I’ll spare you the rant of how fantastic it is and just say that their employment offer was much better. I was able to have an interview Thursday with their Human Resource department and then the last interview Friday with the grocery department. I was blunt and told them about my Kohls offer and letting them know I’d rather work for them but don’t really want to tell Kohls no until I had a solid offer from them. They have to do the background check and I’ll hear from them next week.


Kohls called Later On Friday with their job offer to work in the shoe department and I had to… TURN KOHLS DOWN. Now I’m in that hopeful state that Wegmans pulls through and I didn’t just turn my only offer of employment down. While I am SUPER GRATEFUL for all this positive employment attention, it would be nice to only get one offer at a time and not have to close second-choice doors with the chance of door #1 never opening. I may be 95% positive Wegmans will call back and hire me … but there is still that 5% feeling of doubt.

Wish me luck!!


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