A Place I Call Home

There is no better feeling than to wake up and know that your home is in order. The floors may not be scrubbed and there might be a few dishes in the sink, but we have finally gotten our apartment to the point where most everything has a place and each room is functioning as it is supposed to. It is fun to be the Lady of a well kept house. Now, I just need to get in the habit of keeping it a well kept house. 😉 I can see my mom rolling her eyes now and thinking of how well I did that living in her house. LOL!

I’m also especially proud to be married to Xan. Yesterday, he found a way to read an Icelandic bit of poetry in a Near Eastern and Mediterranean poetry reading by his professor’s request and then showed off his sweet athletic skills by helping our Branch’s intramurral football team maintain an undefeated season. He is FAST running down that field. 🙂 Xan is incredibly well-rounded and sometimes irritatingly good at everything he does even if he is a bit of a nerd with all his dungeons and dragons stuff we’ve uncovered through unpacking. 😉 Hopefully, Cornell will continue to appreciate his diversity in his studies and not try to curb his interests into one rigid field as long as he continues to show them that his physics, Scandinavian, and Near Eastern interests really do connect together.

Speaking of Xan and his accomplishments, he has almost finished his natural terrarium. Don’t worry, any of you reptile-phobias, there are no reptiles in this photo… yet.


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