A Kitchen Table!

Craigslist is a grand thing. We found a table this last weekend for a good price. The chairs are cushioned and have a hinge on them so you can lean back on them. We have six of them. Two of them are serving as our temporary couch! It is really nice to have a place to sit down and great to be able to sit at a table with a bowl of cereal.

While having a table is great, its driven us to unpacking the last of the boxes. We now have all the last odds and ends lying around. Just a taste of the evidence is all over the table. 🙂 We also got sick this last week. Nothing serious but enough to slow us down. Thankfully, it was not the Swine Flu, something that is going around Ithaca. We are both doing better and are ready to get back to the ungoing task of settling in. Speaking of which:

More reptiles, I know. Xan found a FANTASTIC deal on a bunch of tanks. We got a 50 gallon, a 29 gallon, a small turtle tank, a couple other kinds of tanks, and a stand that we are going to use as a table next to the door for a whopping $60. This purchase has made it possible for Xan to finally get started on his dart frog terrarium. It will stand up with the right side down on the bottom. We’re hoping to have it ready for the frogs in a couple more weeks. There is a local seller with two dart frogs waiting for us. Xan has been really excited in this project.

I also came across all my old art things. To save on money, I’m repainting them to decorate our bare walls (a lot of them are a bit damaged from being stored, let alone most of them were incomplete.) I’m still working on this one below. It looks better in this picture than it does in life, but it’s a work in progress. It’s really fun to be able to paint again, although its a bit more expensive buying the paint through Michael’s than through my high school art teacher who got good discounts. LOL!

Things are changing outside our apartment, too! Autumn time in New England is AMAZING! The colors of the leaves are beginning to change and there are vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges mixed in with the remaining green. I’ll have to go out with my camera soon and get some pictures so that I can share it with all of you. Seriously, it is worth coming and seeing for yourselves if any of you haven’t been to the East Coast for the Fall.

Soon I’ll have the apartment put in order, hopefully be employed, and have some kind of schedule beyond my current one which consists of watching Charmed all day with a few errands fit in between. Not a bad life, mind you, but not one that I would like to keep up for the rest of my life. I am about to finish all 8 seasons of Charmed within a month and a half. Only 5 more episodes to go. The question tomorrow will be which series do I start next? Buffy…. Bones… Scrubs… 24… So many others to choose from. But, I have a few hopeful job trails that might turn something up in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I need to catch up in reading all of your blogs. 🙂


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