Aakash’s New Home

Aakash, my pet ball python, arrived back to me Wednesday morning via UPS. While she was being kept in Utah until we could ship her (Again, HUGE thanks to Emily and Mike for taking care of her!) we upgraded her home. She has been moved from her original 20 gallon tank to a 50 gallon tank we found here on Craigslist. It took a while to get it all cleaned up but she has a LOT of space now. 🙂

She can now stretch all the way out in her cage. We’re also going to have room to put more dark places for her to hide in besides her one log.

She’s really funny. If you catch her outside of her log during the day, she’ll freeze wherever she was and sit there frozen. “If I don’t move, they won’t be able to see me.” You have to sit very still for a couple of minutes before she’ll continue on her way.

Update: I am still job-hunting but am really enjoying the Classical Chinese course. Xan is getting back into the swing of classes and homework. We bought two bookshelves last night that we are hoping will hold the rest of our boxes of books. I am the one constructing them so I sure hope they hold! LOL!


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