First Day of School at Cornell

Xan and I have been settling into our new apartment. We found a really nice desk for him with lots of book shelves attached (although we still need LOTS more book shelves), shelves for our vast movie collection (more than my dad owns for those who know his collection), and a 50 gallon tank to upgrade my ball pythons home. She’s grown so much! Xan will probably use my 20 gallon tank that was Aakash’s home to build a natural terrarium and then put some kind of cool frogs in it. 🙂 I’ll keep you updated on that later.

I’m still jobless. I’m not too stressed out yet. I am still hoping for a few call backs from interviews and such. But… I have things to do! I talked with one of the Chinese professors at Cornell and she was incredibly helpful in providing information about graduate school and with a lot of my current Chinese interests. I’m auditing her Intro to Classical Chinese course. Really excited about that. I’ve also found a local bell choir here in Ithaca that has its first meeting for the fall season on September 7. I made a friend from the branch that is going to go with me. 🙂 Between the class and relearning the Chinese language, I’m quite busy.

Xan has had a lot of meetings and orientation related things that has kept him busy as well. He likes the advisers he’s met and told me on the phone he enjoyed his classes today. He’s not completely settled on which classes he’ll be taking but so far the line up is Arabic, Old English, a few different literature courses, a class where you learn how to date things by tree rings (there’s a specific technical term that ends with an -ology but I have no idea what it is), and I can’t remember what else. I’ll have to ask him and I’ll let you know when he has a concrete and final schedule.

Next time I’ll post some pictures. I promise!


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