The Westmann Islands!

Xan and I took a trip to the Westmann Islands which is where the largest group of Icelander’s immigrated to Spanish Fork back in the pioneer days to join the Saints. We took a flight from Reykjavik and it was the shortest flight I’ve ever been on! Maybe 20 min in the air before we were on the ground again. 🙂

This first picture is of the harbor.

We took a boat tour around the island to see puffins and all the other beauty of the island. It is a GORGEOUS place!

There last volcanic eruption was back in the 1973. No one was hurt; they evacuated the island in time. This picture below has two volcanic craters. The one on the right is from a previous eruption. The one on the left is the newest crater that was from 1973. The eruption took out some homes but the harbor and man of the existing houses that you see remained.

The boat was rocking and the puffins were always a bit too far away to get a really close shot but I took a ton of pictures so I’ll show you my best.

Its is nesting season and all kinds of birds were nesting all over the cliffs.

More surrounding smaller islands with nesting spots.

This is a big flock of puffins.

More attempts of pictures.

They’re so cute!

The colors on the rocks were gorgeous! This was taken in a cave we were able to ride into.

There are many surrounding islands.

Here’s a rock formation that looks like an elephant.

More islands.

And here is the 1973 crater up close.

That ends the boat tour. The island is incredibly small so we walked everywhere. The walk from the airport to the harbor, for example, was only like 15 min. And that was about 1/4 of the island. 🙂

This is a restored long house they discovered and excavated.
And here is a memorial identical to the one in Spanish Fork commemorating the Saints who heard the call to Zion.

Here’s a close up on the inscription.

A shot a bit closer up.

Me and the ocean. The water makes it look like it should be tropical, all blue and clear, but you definitely would prefer a jacket!

More pictures of the beautiful, tropical looking water.

Xan looking extremely happy. 🙂 Just kidding!

Makes me want to go scuba diving!

More gorgeous shots!

Xan wandered around a bit more than I did and came back with a puffin’s egg!

We had to hike to get up to take the last 5 or so shots and it was a HIKE! Here’s a picture as we started back down.

It wasn’t the distance as much as it was how steep it was. Here’s one shot.

And this is look up at what we just hiked.

Day 2: We stayed overnight at a hostel and then went to the natural history museum they have there. I was able to get a close up picture of a puffin so everyone can see what they look like. Sorry, it was just an exhibit.

These posts mark how deep the volcanc ash was at this spot.

I’m 5’5” if that helps give you a better idea of how deep it got.

Here’s the church and the cemetery. They had to dig all the ash out, of course.

Xan and I.

These wild flowers grow all around these Islands and the main island of Iceland. They are so pretty!

We strangely found a starfish stranded in the middle of no where about 30 feet above water. No idea how it got there.

We picked it up to find that it was still barely alive.

We threw it back into the ocean to give it a fighting chance. Hope it made it!

We took a ferry back to Iceland and then a bus back to Reykjavik. It was such a good trip! My next post will be our trip we took to Videy island. (Sorry, my parent’s computer doesn’t have the Icelandic letters downloaded so your just going to have to make due with the English equivalent.)

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