Summer Solstice and Soccer

In Celebration of the summer solstice, we all went for a walk to enjoy the longest day in Iceland. We left around 12:45 am. Most of these pictures were taken around 1 in the morning.

Hilmar is in the background with Xan and I off to the side. Yeah… I was way to chicken to stick my feet into that freezing water!

Here is Hilmar with his mom, Sylvía.

More people braver than I, here is Danni and Unni

I miss Sylvía already!!! I miss everyone in Iceland already!!!

Here´s a few of us playing on the beach.

I can imagine that Unni´s feet are incredibly cold at the moment…

I liked this shot of everyone walking along the rocks.

Here´s one of Xan.

Earlier in June, but I don´t remember exactly when, Unnur, Malianna, and I went to watch Eyþór and Sigurjón´s soccer game. Here´s a picture.

So you can see, Iceland really doesn´t get dark in the summer. It was driving me crazy! Interestingly enough, I very much preferred it when it was darker. I am apparently am very light sensitive and I didn´t enjoy all the headaches in the summer.

Next update will be pictures from Xan’s and mine’s trip to the Westmann Islands!


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