The Dalai Lama Pictures!

I’m back in the States using my parent’s computer. Xan gets back from Iceland July 22. I’m playing catch up with the blog posts again so I’ll do a post with a spot we went to see before I left Iceland every 2-3 days.

I finally got the e-mail with the pictures of the Dalai Lama!

He answered questions about various topics such as how politics is not bad, but the politicians, themselves, can often be corrupted by power. Therefore, if we want to have a government that is not corrupt, it is our responsibility to choose good people and it is the politician’s responsibility to not let power corrupt them but to always remember that they are lower than those they serve.

He has a wonderful laugh.

One of the questions was about women and equality. He said that biologically, men and women have different rolls. He said one was not better than the other but they have different purposes and different strengths. For example, he said that as kind and good as his own father was, his mother was more kind and more good. On the other hand, his father was better at other things than his mother and therefore it is all balanced.

That is his translator sitting behind him.


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