Some Sad News

I have two cases of sad news. The first is that the girl I met at the Dalai Lama meeting never e-mailed me with the pictures. Maybe I wrote my e-mail down wrong or something. Who knows. The second sad news is that my computer is on its deathbed.

I bought my Dell Ispiron laptop in February, 2006. It served me well through my second half of college and a little beyond. Unfortunately, the connection between the screen and the computer has been damaged and so it has become moody in deciding when the backlight will turn on or when the screen will remain black and useless.

We’ll probably get me a new desktop once we are in the states but won’t set it up until we move to Ithaca. I might be very unreliably connected until then (August-ish) so if I disappear for a while, that’s why.


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