An Evening in a Hot River

This post is certainly late. We did this activity almost 2 weeks ago! But, better late than never. On May 8th, we all trekked into the middle of nowhere a few miles outside of Reykjavík to this river that was fed by a hot spring. There was some cold spring water that helped make the water temperature perfect! It really is a weird idea… to sit in a river when it is cold outside… but then, when it is a hot river… then it is okay. 🙂

Here is Sigurjón and Binni.

Most of the girls were at the cooler end. Both meanings of the word fit. 🙂

Here is Unndis.

Xan spent some time further up where it was even hotter.

Binni again. Hilarious!

I think this shot was to show the sun. It was about 9:00 right now maybe…

Here is Xan and I.

My feet got soaken through on the trek here and back and I’m thinking this is where I caught my flu bug… but it was worth it! Now, all we need to do is bring a shovel next time so we can make parts deeper to really be able to soak! LOL!


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