A day of sunshine and warmth in Iceland?!

I’ve been sick with one thing after another for about 2 weeks now. First a headache…various other ailments in the middle… and it ended with a bad flu that took its toll last week. I woke up Sunday morning feeling horrible but by the middle of the day, I was feeling a lot better and made it to the second half of church. Good thing I did because I would have hated to miss a day like today. After church, a lot of our friends planned a picnic at a park. It was a beautiful day!

I even got to wear my flip flops!!!

Here is Binni. He leaves for Denmark this Tuesday to rejoin his Danish fiance. They get married July 24th and they’ll return to Iceland to live in August or September.

Gunnar is looking nice in his shades. This guy is incredibly generous. Kiddy’s car ran out of juice and we (meaning Gunnar worked and we watched and helped when we could) spent a little under an hour trying to jump start it, drag it, and charge it. Nothing worked so he offered to take the battery itself to charge it. 🙂

And here is Kiddy! She’s on her way to the states on Thursday. She’ll be visiting a mission companion and making it back up to Canada to revisit their mission. She gets back to Iceland just after I leave again. 😦

And here is the glamorous Unnur. She has some pretty awesome plans for her future. She wants to start a shelter for abused women here in Iceland and have art and dance therapy available and take them on some outdoor activities such as hikes, rafting, swimming, ect. Since the outdoor activities won’t work in the winter, I’ve offered to design a sweet giant greenhouse with a Japanese garden and an indoor swimming pool. LOL! Hey, if you have an infinite supply of hot water… use it, right!

This guy is Eyþór. For those who don’t read Icelandic, the name is pronounced A(as in hay)-thor. He’s currently an investigator and studies the organ. I had the priviledge of attending one of his concerts in that huge famous church with the scaffolding on it just last week. The church is gorgeous inside and his playing was rather impressive. I couldn’t help but think that Zhenya, our organist friend back at BYU, would have loved to play here!

This guy is Jareð. He has his mission papers in and now is waiting to find out when and where the Lord will send him.

And lastly, the lovely Malianna. She’s coming to the states this August to have family reunions and such. Part of her family is in the states, some in Australia, and she is in Iceland. They are all part Icelandic although her sweet Icelandic skills beat all of her sibling’s.

And so the picnic continues. Here is Xan harassing Unnur. Those two are hilarious!

Here is a calmer moment of us sitting and eating.

I really like this photo. Not going to lie.

The band broke out. It consisted of Unnur, Binni, and Kiddy making up random songs with random lyrics. The lyrics were Icelandic so I have no idea what they were about but judging by everyone else’s laughter, it was really funny. 🙂

And then Kiddy did what I learned long ago not to do. She challenged Xan to a water fight. LOL! Kiddy did a fairly decent job at getting him wet. His shirt doesn’t allow one to see how wet he is. It was starting to get a little chilly by this time so we packed up and went back to our homes.

I took this picture as we were driving home. It’s almost midnight. The sun set over an hour ago but it is still this light! I don’t see it get darker than twilight anymore. The endless summer days have begun.

The weather forecast says that we will be able to enjoy one or two more beautiful days like this one before the weather turns back to its usual rainy and windy self. Malianna reported that they only get days like today a few times each summer month. It was so nice to go outside without wearing jackets and being able to wear my flip flops, though!

Oh, and I revised my other blog. It is no longer just a rant about Chinese… it is now open for rants about all subjects. This blog you are looking at is more of a documentary on Xan and mine’s life. This blog, http://www.ashleystepp.blogspot.com, is my personal blog. 🙂


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