Xan vs the glacier!

Anyone who knows my husband well will really enjoy this story. Anyone who doesn’t know him well will probably read this and wonder why I married someone so crazy. I’m part of the first category and couldn’t stop laughing, with a few worries in the back of my mind, of course.

Disclaimer: The river was only a couple feet deep so if any of the glacial ice were to break, he wouldn’t be sucked under and freeze. He would simply walk to shore and be miserably cold.

Now on to the story. Remember the glacial lagoon we stopped to see? Its the same place as the main picture on the top of our blog. Well, I left part of the adventure out since it really deserved its own post. Xan got this fantastic idea to try to walk across the river on top of the icebergs. This was north of the bridge.

I stayed behind to photograph his adventure.

I looked down at his hiking boots and said, “You might want my rubber boots.” He smiled and agreed. He returned to the shore to switch me shoes and returned out to the ice. Thankfully, we have about the same size feet so we were both comfortable in eachother’s shoes.

Of course, Keith couldn’t be left out and joined him. He didn’t have the same luxury of rubber boots so he was a lot more careful where he stepped and waited for Xan to test out footings before following. There were a couple of other tourists passing us and looking at us like we were stupid daredevils. Again, read disclaimer. Xan is a physicist. He knows the risk and he knows how to play it safe.

Xan made it much farther out than Keith.

I got distracted by a seal that popped his head up to check out the action. I wish I hadn’t because while I was photographing the seal, I heard Keith began laughing. Turning my head to see what was so funny, I saw Xan clinging to an iceberg on his stomach with his feet in the water up to his knees! I joined in laughing too hard to get a picture. Sorry. I really wish I had one. Apparently, the part of the iceberg he had been standing on had broken off. His quick reflexes saved him from another foot of cold water on his feet.

Well, that piece that fell off was apparently very strategic in getting back and Xan was now stuck in the middle of the river.

The boots were full of water which fortunately began to insulate his feet like scuba boots, so while he was cold, he was in no danger of hypothermia yet.

With Keith’s assistance, Xan finally found a way back. Beth and I were still laughing. Here’s a shot at how wet he got. He would like to insert here that he really wasn’t all that cold. The insulated boots kept him fairly warm.

Because we had just spent the night in a hotel, Xan had extra socks and pants. We did our best to dry out the boots and he wore them for the rest of the trip. Note: wool socks are incredibly warm and work well with wet boots. 🙂

So, judge for yourselves whether I have a crazy husband or not. For me, I think he’s fantastic. 🙂


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