South Coast Tour Day 1

I’m almost caught up! Okay. The last big road trip we took with Xan’s parents while they visited us in Iceland was driving along the South Coast.

First stop: Icelandic horses. Our friend Rebekkah is learning horse riding and training and showed us some of the horses from a local stable. They were so friendly!

I’m still hoping that we get to go riding before we leave.

Again, I need Xan to give me some of the names of the smaller sites we hit. I know the story to this site. It has a statue of a man riding a seal who made a deal with the devil that if the devil could get him safely to Iceland from Denmark without getting this man’s feet wet then he would give the devil his soul. The devil agreed and turned into a seal and the man rode on the seal’s back. As soon as Iceland’s shore was in view, this man hit the seal’s head with a Bible which caused the devil to sink just enough that the man’s feet got wet. Therefore, he was able to get to Iceland and keep his soul. There is more to the story such as the man’s name and a race that he wanted to get to Iceland before some other men for some reason or another. Ask Xan. ­čÖé

Here’s as close to the statue as we got. Oh, did I mention that it rained all day. yeah. It rained and it was chilly so we were bums and weren’t as adventerous on this particular gloomy looking day.

This site had some really cool looking farmhouses and an old church from 1875.

These are the storage sheds for the farms.

These are the houses that people would live in during the 19th century. Small… cold… I’m not sure I could do it.

Here is a cool looking farm by a waterfall and high mountains. People still live here and farmhouses like this sitting out in the middle of nowhere are spotted all along our drive.

Here’s some ruins we drove by. I don’t believe they are famous.

This is Sk├│gafoss.

I took this picture through the window while we were driving. That is a real deep chasm. The earth is just split open. Kind of creepy…

I loved the way this waterfall splits in two with the farmhouse… very pretty.

Another pretty waterfall with farmhouse.

They had a massive flood in the south that wiped through a lot of land. Here you can see the desolation it left behind. All that is left is sediment.

Another glacier! This one, I believe, is S├│lheimaj├Âkull.

Definitely don┬┤t want to take unguided tours on that thing!

Yes, yes. We were very cold.

Another pretty picture with the cloudy, rainy skies. I believe this was taken from the foot of the above said glacier.

And, now, we are coming to the cool glacier lagoon! The glacier is melting and so huge icebergs float down to the river. I took this picture as we were driving over the bridge.

Obviously, we had to go play on the beach. Here is a shot of the bridge from the beach.

And, one of my new favorite pictures. It really makes us look like we are in Iceland! LOL

Here┬┤s a better shot to see the glaciers breaking off and floating downstream.

And another one.

Pretty picture.

And the last pretty picture of the day.

Phew! We made it to H├Âfn which is famous for lobster so I got to eat real lobster for the first time that I can remember. It was so delicious! Xan said it tasted different than other lobster he had eaten before but that it was still really tasty. Thanks for dinner parents!!!


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