Snæfellsness back to Reykjavík

Continuing on our trip, we woke up last Friday morning in Stykkishólmur and drove around the Snæfells peninsula and then back to Reykjavík.

Here is the view from our hotel room in Stykkishólmur. The church was really cool!

They had the most ideal harbor there with calm seas and deep waters.

Driving out of Stykkishólmur, we passed by Helgafell. This holy mountain was dedicated to the Norse God, Thor by the Pagans in 900 AD.

Then we stopped off at a shark museum where they showed us how they made hárkal, or putrid shark meat. That is a traditional food they would make since there really wasn´t much food to work with. It was all by pictures but we got to taste it. It definitely wasn´t my favorite but I didn´t find it as bad as the horror stories I had heard made it out to be.

We also took an oppurtunity to check out the moss that grows all around Icleand on the lava rocks. It seriously is soft enough to serve as a bed or bouncy enough to be small trampoline.

I´m going to have to ask Xan for the name of this mountain again. The clouds cover some of it but it is cool because it looks like a witch´s hat.

Another pretty waterfall only this time it comes with birds sitting at the bottom.

Here´s another cool looking church we passed.

This was a nice beach spot we passed. They found a really old Viking buried around here.

We couldn´t really find where the burial site was so we just enjoyed the beach.


Here´s a spot further along… my guess is that we are rounding the peninsula. The puffins nest here, too, but we are one month too early.

But the cliffs were fantastic!

And, we found an arch there, too.

Here´s a volcano that´s obviously blasted in the past. There are tons of these around Iceland.

This is a picture of the Snæfells mountian. Unfortunately, it was a bit rainy… very cloudy… so you couldn´t see the top. Apparently, no filming of Journey to the Center of the Earth was done on the whole peninsula. They must have filmed them climbing up a different mountain.

This picture is of an old farmhouse. Probably a century or more in ruins.

I really wonder how people survived before modern conveniences such as a central heating system.

This next stop was of something cool but we opted not to take the trail to see it because of the weather. Again, I´ll have to ask Xan what was there. We did poke around the trail head where there was a harbor.

And this would be the harbor.

Pretty picture.

Here´s a really steep gorge. This is a close up picture.

More landscape.

We did find a cool place to see seals!

And so ends our 3 day trip up north to the West Fjords. Still to come are the Golden Circle (One day) and the South Coast (2 days).


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